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Post by Patriotism on Fri May 15, 2015 5:28 pm

Here in the pack, we have a handful of rules we require you to follow. If you manage to break any of these, you may be subject to disciplinary actions within the community. Do not fear, none of these are obscenely ridiculous by community standards, we only wish to create a fun, fair, and free environment for everyone!  tongue

Rules are as follows:

#1. You are required at all times to conduct yourself in a reasonably adult fashion. Primarily leaning towards good sportsmanship, clean-er language, and general respect for other people (members or otherwise).

#2. Follow your Chain of Command! We have a rank structure in place for a reason. If you have an issue with anything, or anyone in the community. Simply take it to your higher ups. If your issue is not resolved within 48 hours, take your problems to the next tier. (ex. Report racism to your platoon sergeant. without a reply move on to your Lieutenant).

#3. Absolutely no forms of prejudice, bias, racism, or harassment of any kind are allowed to be exhibited by our community members at any time. if you have a problem with another community member, report it up the chain of command!

#4. Your forum name must match your desired clan name
(ex: WP_{blank}).

#5. Your forum signature must display your rank and name (ex: Sergeant Nobody).[/color]

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