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As the title implies, here is Wolf Pack's rank structure.

Like a Star @ heaven Commander(CMD): Current commanding officer of Wolf Pack Gaming.

Like a Star @ heaven Captain(CPT): Every Company is run by a Captain. They report directly to the Commander.

Like a Star @ heaven Lieutenant(LTN): The right hand man of every Captain. Lieutenant's are responsible for direct oversight of non-commissioned officers. This is also the first Commissioned rank.

Master Chief(MSC): Highest ranking non-commissioned officer. Chief's are responsible for Platoon management, and direct oversight of lower ranking personnel.

Sergeant Major(SGM): Rank presented to community members interested in trying out for command roles. Generally responsible for assisting their platoon leader with administrative tasks.

Master Sergeant(MSG): Rank presented to community members who have displayed exceptional dedication to the community and it's members as a whole.

Sergeant(SGT): Rank presented to community members who have experience under their belt.

Corporal(CPL): Community members who have participated within the community for a set number of days.

Private(PVT): Everyone starts out as a Private. Here, you are the lowest of the low, but do not fret! All community members are given equal opportunity to prove their merit and earn their place as both non-commissioned, and Commissioned Officers.

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